Young or Old. You NEED to Visit Arkansas’ Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari

This past weekend I took a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit my friend Liz from college. Being the animal lovers we both are, as soon as she said there was a drive-thru safari about an hour away my mind was made up. We had to visit and PET ALL THE ANIMALS. So that’s what we did. If pictures of cute and friendly kangaroos, llamas, zebras, and giraffes doesn’t convince you to visit, there’s no way I’ll be able to write something to change your mind. Hopefully my photography skills are enough. Enjoy!


Entering Arkansas with Liz (1)

Right across from the Arkansas State Sign there was a little farm house filled with cows welcoming us to their state.

Entering Arkansas with Liz (2)

Once we got to Wild Wilderness we found out they didn’t just have a drive-thru safari. They also had a petting zoo. So that was our first stop.

Wild Wilderness Safari (2)

This guy was a little hungry and tried to eat my entire bag of animal food.

Wild Wilderness Safari (3)

Animal feed was $1 a bag so we bought a bunch to make sure the animals gave us all the attention.

Wild Wilderness Safari (4)

They even had kangaroos roaming freely throughout the petting zoo!

Wild Wilderness Safari (5)

I don’t think I’ve ever touched a softer animal *heart eyes*

Wild Wilderness Safari (7)Wild Wilderness Safari (14)

This mama kangaroo even had a baby hanging from her pouch and she let us pet him/her all we wanted. I think that was the first time I cried tears of happiness this day.

Wild Wilderness Safari (6)

While I was playing with the kangaroo I was also feeding some alpacas from behind the fence. And I guess this little guy got jealous because he started RAMMING me to get my attention. It was very effective. Maybe I should start doing that while Marcelo is playing his video games.

Wild Wilderness Safari (13)

I really wanted an Alpaca kiss so I decided to trick him with a carrot…

It worked! But he also bit my lip pretty hard. #WorthIt
NOTE: Do this at your own risk. They have teeth and if you’re not cautious they can hurt you – just as any animal can if you mess with them while they’re trying to eat.

Wild Wilderness Safari (15)

After we finished in the petting zoo we got to feed giraffes. Since we were at a Wild Wilderness Safari, I went a little WILD and decided I wanted all the animal kisses I could get – even if I had to sneak them. Tex the Giraffe was eager for our kiss once he saw I had a carrot for him!

There was a reptile room that had porcupines and snakes. NO idea how that combination happened. But I have a nearly paralyzing fear of snakes so I avoided it like the plague.

Wild Wilderness Safari (34)

After the reptile room we headed to the car to start the Safari. First thing we saw was a herd of longhorns (?) chillin and soaking up the sun.

Wild Wilderness Safari (35)

Then this baby and some of his friends.

Wild Wilderness Safari (33)

The emus were FEARLESS. They walked in front of the cars. Came up to our cars. And pretty much dominated the fields.

Wild Wilderness Safari (32)

If you gave any other animals attention they’d run up and scare the other animals off so they could have their snack.

Wild Wilderness Safari (19)Wild Wilderness Safari (18)Wild Wilderness Safari (16)Wild Wilderness Safari (17)

We still managed to make some friends, despite the bullying emus.

Wild Wilderness Safari (20)

Especially with the camels! I will never be able to look at them the same. They were so friendly and just wanted all the love.

Wild Wilderness Safari (21)Wild Wilderness Safari (31)

#HumpDay will forever be my favorite day of the week now.

Wild Wilderness Safari (22)

Going on an adventure????

Wild Wilderness Safari (23)


Wild Wilderness Safari (24)

I tried to apologize to Bambi but he just wanted food.

Wild Wilderness Safari (25)

Here’s where we rolled the windows up and drove a little faster to the next section of the safari.

Wild Wilderness Safari (26)

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. No crocodiles, no rhinosauruses. I only likes hippopotamuses. And hippopotamuses like me, too.

But since that’s not possible, this picture will have to do.

The last animals we saw were prairie dogs. Hundreds of them. Barking and nibbling and running into their holes. Such a simple animal but they were SO. DARN. CUTE.

Wild Wilderness Safari (29)

Once we finished the safari we headed back to the giraffes for a few more slobbery kisses and licks. They’re so beautiful. And I’m now convinced I have to visit Giraffe Manor in Nairobi so I can have breakfast with giraffes.

Wild Wilderness Safari (30)

We ended our day with the wolf pen. And got to watch these fiercely beautiful creatures run around and play. I swear they seemed so tame I couldn’t tell the difference between the wolves and a German Shepherd or a Husky.

My list of future pets has grown exponentially and I know I’ll never have any of them so I’ll continue to visit Wild Wilderness to get my fill of animal loving. My boyfriend and I already have another trip planned for Halloween weekend! 🙂

NOTE: Seeing as they don’t know the temperament of visitors’ animals you have to leave your fur babies at home. Luckily we called ahead of time or else we would’ve been super disappointed to find out we couldn’t enter the safari after the 1.5 hour drive.

Also, Wild Wilderness suggests you keep your windows rolled up while exploring the safari and requires you stay inside your vehicle at all times. DO NOT get out of your vehicle. Animals are used to cars driving through but if you exit they may see you as dangerous and there is no telling what can happen. Be careful, make smart decisions, and do what you do at your own risk.

For more information about Wild Wilderness Drive-Thru Safari:Wild Wilderness Logo

Check them out on Facebook
Visit their Website
Give them a call at: 1-479-736-8383
Or make a trip: 20923 Safari Rd, Gentry, Arkansas 72734, USA

P.S. – Wild Wilderness has no idea I’m writing this post (I will share it with them once I publish it) and I have not received any benefit for promoting them. It was just such a fun stinkin’ day I want everyone to visit!

If I’ve convinced you to visit please let me know and share your pictures in the comments below! Pictures with animals are ALWAYS welcome and wanted!

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