Wine Club > Gym Membership

Wine clubs aren’t exactly the cheapest of clubs to join. And occasionally, there are fleeting moments when I wonder if I’d be wise to put my money toward something like a monthly gym membership to motivate healthy habits rather than the consumption of an ungodly amount of calories disguised as alcoholic grape juice. But then I come to my senses (usually while enjoying a glass of wine) and remember that the Messina Hof wine club isn’t just a wine club. It’s an investment in my personal happiness and overall mental well-being.

messina-hof-3Messina Hof’s wine is unreservedly good. Like good enough to be the only wine-club I join for a long while good. Honestly, the only regret I do have about joining is not joining sooner. And it’s not just one particular wine that’s spectacular. It’s all of them – regardless of their color. Until last March I drank red wine exclusively. Then everything changed when I tried MH’s Private Reserve Blanc du Bois. Holy. Cow. It was like I reached Nirvana and was introduced to a whole new world. Needless to say, the Blanc du Bois is one of my all-time favorite wines now. It’s dry and crisp and citrusy and oh, so refreshing!

While I was exploring the realm of white wine I also tried their Unoaked Chardonnay and Texas Sparkling Spumante; with every sip I was more and more impressed. And that was just the whites. It’s hard to decide between my favorite reds but if I had to choose, I’d say their Private Reserve Malbec will not disappoint. For total transparency, I’ll even clue you in on what I didn’t like: any of their ports or sherries. I’m not a fan of dessert wines in general but I couldn’t even swallow a gulp of their most popular port wine. However, their port jelly/jam was So they still get 5 stars from me!

If you’re still reading this, I recommend you join the club now. But if you still need some convincing, read on. I’ve got a few more reasons for why you should join.

  1. When you consider the quality of the wine and the happiness it brings, the membership price is practically negligible. Depending on your package you’ll only pay between $60 and $90 every three months for three bottles of red, white, or a combination of both (which is majorly discounted compared to buying individually).
  2. As a member, you will always get 20% off wine bottles and samples when you visit any of their three Texas locations.
  3. Did I mention they have three locations? You can visit them in Bryan, Grapevine, or the Austin Hill Country.
  4. Every quarter they host a pickup party for all wine club members to collect their libations, indulge in yummy appetizers, and enjoy a free glass of wine for themselves and two guests! If you can’t make it to the pickup party that’s not a problem; let them know and they can ship your wine straight to your door or they’ll hold it until you’re ready to visit – in which case you and your guests still get a free glass of wine.
  5. You get the chance to attend other HTX events for free! Last October we purchased a Texas Renaissance Festival exclusive wine and got four FREE tickets to the Texas Ren Fest (a $100+ value).
  6. The winery is pet-friendly, so you, your guests, and furry friends can all enjoy the  vineyard and vino.


I hope this convinced you to try out the Wine Club or at least make a visit to their winery (or local grocery store) and try a glass or two or ten of their wine. If it did, leave a comment or email me and let me know what you thought!

*I have not received any Messina Hof perks or discounts for this post. I am just a super fan and want everyone and their mother to experience their wines.*

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