Vino, Vino, Chocolate, Concertino

I’m bummed I won’t be able to attend the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolate event this weekend and next but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it! The TX Bluebonnet Wine Trail includes seven different wineries within the Greater Houston Area, about an hour north of the center of the city. I haven’t officially participated in a Wine Trail event yet, but last year I went winery hopping between what happened to be TX Bluebonnet Wine Trail participating wineries over the last weekend of the Spring Bluebonnet Wine and Cheese Trail and it was a blast! Without even planning, I saw people at one winery and then again a winery or two later. And for $35/person or $56/two each person gets 14 wine tastings and 7 delicious chocolates. Talk about a deal! If I didn’t have Super Bowl LI activities and my flight home to Florida booked already, there’s no question what I’d be doing the next two weekends. If you are interested in doing the Wine and Chocolate Trail you can get your tickets here.

Below are pictures from some of the wineries and vineyards the trail connects.

Bernhardt Winery, Plantersville, Texas

Bernhardt is without a doubt my favorite vineyard. Although, I may be a tad biased since it’s where I did my first ever grape stomp and they have a Muscadine Wine that brings me back to when I was five years old playing in my grandma’s Brooklyn, NY backyard/driveway where she grew her own Muscadine grapes. It has a very Tuscan feel to it – from the building and decor to their outdoor Brick Pizza Oven. They’ve also got a beautiful patio and yard. You kind of feel like you’re in your own backyard but at the same time you know it’s too beautiful to actually be yours. If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch one of their outdoor concertinos which usually take place on Sunday nights.


Cork This! Winery, Montgomery, Texas

img_0370Cork This! is in the middle of a shopping mall. When I first got there, I was so confused and then I realized it was just a winery – not a vineyard & winery like the others. But that’s not the only way it differed. They served the wine samples all at once and in the same glasses that you’d get flights of beer. And the names are so sassy, I love it! I really enjoyed their Cabernet Sauvignon, One Night Stand.


Messina Hof Winery, Bryan, Texas

Messina Hof has three locations in Texas – Bryan, Hill Country, and Grapevine. I can speak for the Bryan location and all I can say is I love it. After about three wine samples I was hooked and signed up for their Wine Club on the spot. Regardless of red or white, their wines are straight up uh-mazing. And let me tell you, I was not much of a white wine fan until I tried their Private Reserve Blanc du Bois and now I order a glass and bottle every time I go!

Keep an eye out for my next post to find out why you should join their wine club!


Peach Creek Vineyards, College Station, Texas

Peach Creek is a great little winery owned by a sweet older couple. They were so friendly and made you feel at home once you got there with light-hearted conversation,  great wine, plenty of crackers, and a cool bit of history; the top part of the ranch in the picture above is actually a part of the wooden seat boards from the original bleachers at Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field. Apparently, if you got on the roof and checked, you can even see names carved into the seats!

They also sell the most incredible wine glasses.. $40 for a glass that fits SIX WHOLE BOTTLES OF WINE!!! I bought mine almost a year ago now and it’s still one of my favorite purchases. Albeit, I can’t drink nearly as much wine as it holds, but it makes an adorable tank for my pet fish, Cat.


Pleasant Hill Winery, Brenham, Texas


Saddlehorn Winery, Burton, Texas


Texas Star Winery, Chappell Hill, Texas

I haven’t visited Pleasant Hill, Saddlehorn, or Texas Star… yet. But I’ll update once I do!


Have you done any of the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail events? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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